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Art is creativity,  and art is freedom of expression. 


This young artist, born in Australia,  graduated at Melbourne College of Art and Photography.

Dennis has returned to  his Parents Home land and has been living there now for four years, to devote all his inspiration to his art, photography and music.

He lives on the island of Krk in a small magical town of Stara Baska where he has anchored his heart and soul.

Dennis is a unique artist. In addition to painting on canvas has developed an excellent technique of applying paint to wood and stone.

His works is easily recognized  by the warm, bold colors that strongly represent his own individual style.

Dennis's view of the world is colorful, and optimistic. Everything that is touched by Dennis turns into a beautiful original piece of art.

He is also an excellent photographer that transforms his images into postcards.

Dennis's other great passion is music,  which cures his heart and soul.

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